Chinatown Ice Cream Factory and Overheard in New York

We decided to visit this ice cream shop in Chinatown, New York. No particular reason. Just saw it on a blog.


Chinatown was huge. The one in Sydney is pretty big compared to many cities I’ve been to. But the one in New York is big. My only way to describe it is that it is like putting Sydney Chinatown, Burwood, Ashfield and maybe Bankstown all together.

We didn’t get a proper chance to explore the New York Chinatown and had the misfortune of losing my point and shoot camera there. Luckily, the sd card was backed up the night before and only lost about 1 day of photos.


Perhaps because it was winter, we felt that the ice cream could do with a bit more flavours.


Whilst we were eating out ice creams in the cold we overheard a random conversation on the street.

A young woman bumped into a man in the street and said hello. He was confused. She asked if he remembered her. He said no. She said they had dated. He still didn’t remember and then parted. I felt the awkwardness for both people.


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