Tokyo Snippets

We spent a week in Tokyo and had an awesome time eating and shopping. More posts to come along and here are some pictures.

These pictures were all taken with the Fuji X100. We had brought along the trusty Canon 5D Mk II, with assorted lenses. But the x100 was so light, silent, easy to use and not so intrusive that the Canon was left in the hotel after 3 days.

The first picture was taken at New York Bar, Park Hyatt in practically candle light darkness. I upped the ISO to 4000 and wasn’t expecting much, also with speed of 1/60th. Focus was done with the liveview and hand moving the lens. I was surprised with how well the photo came out as is.

Crazy expensive rock melons. I think they go as high as AUD$200. They must taste and smell extra good. Rock melons are one of my favourite summer fruits and during the peak in summer, they go for about AUD$2.50 each back in Australia. I wonder if I will ever get the chance to try one of these ones from Japan.

The rest of the photos are processed with VSCO 4.









15 thoughts on “Tokyo Snippets

  1. Nice shots – always liked the output from the X100 (first version). We really miss Japan, it must have still been a little hot over there during your trip?

  2. What a lovely pictorial – and this even after you left your big artillery in your hotel room! I liked the “Louis Vuitton” intersection shot – the young couple in front made the picture, I think. The girl almost looks like my young second cousin with her hair and the way she is daintily holding her phone. The gal in the yellow dress – sure, she is pretty but she must really be down on her luck having to work like that. And I see you made it to the Ghibli park. I can’t remember off hand what the particular anime was from but my kids used to watch this movie many, many times. It was something about a city in the sky.

    • Thanks for your comment. I am very slowly going through all the photos. The girl in yellow sure was gorgeous handing out brochures outside the red light district with a couple of young minders not far. I had the same thought as you.

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