Peninsula Hotel, Tokyo


We checked into our hotel at about 11am and made a quick dash to the Peninsula Hotel at Chiyoda, close to Ginza and opposite to the Imperial garden. We were given a cozy and quiet corner table. We had the fixe prix lunch.


The hotel is one of the most expensive in Tokyo – the top rated room is something like USD$8,000 for 1 night. The views of the corner of the Imperial Garden is quite spectacular. As expected, the drinks are pretty pricey to match as well. After an 8 hour flight and coming straight from the transfer and checking in, I did not feel like having any alcohol and decided to try a non alcoholic beer instead.


It was certainly refreshing.


We couldn’t fault any of the dishes and we were happily full by the end of it.


If you don’t get a chance to have lunch or dinner, we would also recommend the bar area. It must be quite a sight as well during the evening.




Everytime I pour milk into my tea, my mind just clears out watching the milky twirl for those few seconds until the tea becomes white – one of my few little life pleasures.

Back in the around 1987, chaos theory was popular and there was a science book called Chaos:Making A New Science written by James Gleick. I am always reminded of this book when I pour milk in because the first chapter explained in clear details of the mechanics milk mixing with tea. Basically, the hot liquid creates something called convection currents. One set goes clockwise bringing molecules up and the other set goes anti clockwise. The milk molecules are spread evenly by this process. If you do get a chance, check out the book. It is well written and absorbing. His second book was called Genius, a biography of Richard Feynman. RF was one of the nuclear scientists who helped build the Atomic bomb in World War II and headed the investigation team into the space shuttle disaster. His life was amazing but I would not recommend this book. RF wrote a book of his anecdotes called “Surely You’re Joking, Mr Feynman” A very funny book of many pranks he played and adventures he had. I may do a proper review someday.



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