Daimaru, Tokyo Station

We were looking for Ramen Street in Tokyo Station and overshot it by some 700 metres. And found Daimaru instead, a famous department in Japan. What do you expect to find on the ground floor of any department store? Female fashion? Cosmetics? Maybe male fashion or a mix of all the aforementioned? Nope at Daimaru, Tokyo Station. A food hall at ground level.

t station-2

They have done their marketing right because after 11am on a Saturday, it was simply full of kids, strollers, parents and other patrons.

I have seen wagyu cows being fed beer on TV. I have yet to see one being massaged by a virgin (so I hear or read somewhere).

t station

t station-3

t station-4

t station-5

t station-6

t station-7

t station-8

t station-9

t station-10

t station-11

t station-12

t station-13

t station-14

t station-15

Next door to Tokyo Station is a new and smallish shopping complex called Kitte. When we went, they had an exhibition of Doraemon. I remember watching the cartoons and reading the comics when I was a kid. And found out that there is a museum not far from Tokyo dedicated to it. This is one for the next trip.

t station-16

t station-17

t station-18

t station-19

Kitte is mainly small shops for female fashion of Japanese origin.

t station-20

Me? I bought a piece of cake, went back to the hotel and ate it. Winni spent about 2 hours shopping at Kitte and found a nice winter jacket that was 70% off.

We did also found a suburban fruit shop not far from our hotel. It was reasonably priced and we stocked up on nashi pears and other more familiar fruits.

t station-21


7 thoughts on “Daimaru, Tokyo Station

  1. I went here on a rainy day when we were exploring the whole of Tokyo Station. I just love looking at all the different pastries and baked goods, they are so scrumptious looking!

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