Unagi (eel) Yakitori


Some years ago, I heard a radio documentary on eels:


It was interesting to learn about this creature. It was also around that time, that I started to eat unagi Japanese style on rice.

We randomly picked this place in the middle of Piss Alley at Shinjuku just because they had 2 empty seats. We went in and all the patrons went silent and gawked at us for quite some time. I said Hello and they went back to their chattering. We had no idea what they served and then saw a picture on the wall.


The first photo on the wall shows the owner back in his much younger days, perhaps some 30 years ago. And the place simply has not changed.


I am sure I spied some faded duct tape holding up the air conditioning unit.

The obligatory cheap long neck of beer goes well with the eel.


And the lamp above the cooker has not been cleaned all these years as well.



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