Yutes and Harajuku, Tokyo

In the movie “My Cousin Vinny” Joe Pesci plays a bumbling and inexperienced Italian American lawyer who has to defend his cousin from a murder charge in the mid South. It is a pretty funny and easy going movie. For some reason, a particular scene stays in my mind. In this scene Joe Pesci keeps saying “Yutes”, a term that no one understands. He then realises that he has to rework his American Italian accent to say it correctly as “Youths”. On paper, it does not sound funny at all with no punch line and it is not delivered in a wild manner as such in a Jim Carrey movie. I still don’t know why I remember that scene the most. Whenever I hear that word, I smile and remember that scene.

Harajuku on a weekend afternoon is fully of yutes.


We read somewhere that the best time to visit Harajuku is in the afternoon. So we visited Ginza on a Sunday morning and then hopped over to Harajuku in the afternoon. Perhaps we went at the wrong season, but Sunday morning at Ginza for us was quiet and few shoppers – almost a disappointment. This was a contrast to the Saturday when it was more active.

We ate and shopped too much at Ginza and did not get to Harajuku until 5pm and we were surprised by the amount of people still coming out of the metro and train stations. And they were mostly casually, but fashionably, dressed youths. We were also guided by the Time Out Japan foldout map for Harajuku. This is most handy and can be collected at the airport or most brochure collections at hotel reception.

We had made use of a station locker for our shopping and bought an ice cream icy and people watched for about 10 minutes.






A meander down a side street and there was a line. As it turned out, they were waiting for a Hawaii themed, possibly chained, café.



This pink shop was an interesting visit – 6% Doki Doki. A concept store for the super kawaii girls. It is a small shop full of fashion and accessories of every shade of pink.

You can read more about it here:





We were then walking down the main road towards Omotesando, another mecca for high end fashion.



But we were easily and happily diverted to Toy Land, a six story crowded toy shops.


I was lucky enough to find a Danbo.


If you are unware of Danbo, just google it and you will find plenty of photos such as these.



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