Ginza is a well known and expensive shopping strip in Tokyo. It is pretty big and dominated by 2 intersecting main roads with many smaller blocks. On the weekend one of the main roads is blocked off.


All the world famous exclusive name brands are there.





On the Sunday when we went, it was pretty quite for some reason. We popped into Lion Beer Hall for a short break The place is a Bavarian themed restaurant. All of a sudden, the house band came out singing in German folk song (in Japanese of course).



Abercombie and Fitch was certainly interesting. It was more of a concept store than a shop. The 11 floors were smallish and tight for traffic. It was very dark and the music was loud. It was more like a dance club. On the weekend, you can also get a free instant photo with the well toned models.




7 thoughts on “Ginza

  1. I was going to say it is freezing now in Ginza but saw your midori ticket was September. In early November, we sat on the curb while enjoying $15 of tablespoon-sized dollops of ice cream! lol

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