This was back in November last year, not long after the near catastrophic bushfires in the outskirts of Sydney. We went down to Kiama and took the first tourist drive we spotted. Kiama is on the south coast about 1.5 hours from Sydney and the tourist drive takes you back to the mountains and this area of NSW is green with lush rain forests.


The day was hot with the weather at 30c plus so the rainforest was a cool diversion.









Another short drive took us to Kangaroo Valley. We normally take the inland route from which you can see the whole valley and drive down some narrow roads on a mountain. We used to come here every year for  canoeing and just to sight see the famous stone suspension bridge.


By noon, the roads were hazy. It was backburning all over Sydney and the smoke wafted down to the coast.


This beach is called Bombo. In the distance, you can see smoky Kiama. We used to drive past the name sign on the free way and always wondered what the beach was like just because of the name.

Back in Kiama, we had a late lunch – fish and chips at the marina where all the fishing boats come in. As we were eating, we could see a whole pod, including juveniles, of dolphins coming into the bay enjoying the afternoon.



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