Yakitori, Shinjuku Station

This is a place we went to – twice because they ran out of their broth the first time.  They specialise in pork.


It is right in the middle lane of Piss Alley and gets all the traffic. It is efficiently run.

This must be the boss man. He had to juggle a lot of tasks – cooking, taking orders, completing orders, giving change, greeting guests and talking to passerbys to entice them to come in. One time, when he was taking our order, he was a little close to the fire and almost singed his shirt.


The guy with the towel around his chest handled the broth station. On our second visit, we had the broth. It was flavoursome and slow cooked for so long the bones just crumbled in our mouth.


42 was on the right side continually hand washing the dishes, cutlery and filling up the beer.


Dragon was in the back manning the stove and did the wok/pan fry items, like noodles. And was probably chopping onions all day long.


A young couple next to us voluntarily offered to take a photo of us and we felt so welcome. We spied them having ume (we think) – a sweet plum wine usually more suited after – and ordered one. We don’t normally drink ume because of the syrupy sweetness but this was not too strong and tasted great and complimented the food.



On our second visit and as a final dish we picked the most expensive one without asking or knowing what it was. The boss gave us a surprised look and immediately after that, we were wearing a worried look. Nevertheless, customers were always right, and he diligently cooked it and adding ample of sliced butter on top of the pieces as he turned it over and over again. Here came the taste test. It was buttery with a mayo-like creamy texture. Savoury with a mild sweet flavour. We were both amused by this ‘blindly brave’ selection because it tasted fantastic 🙂

We asked him what it was. He pointed at his skull – brain!


We were happy just looking at the other customers. I really like this photo and wasn’t sure if I should have cropped it because everyone was in their own little world and had their own story. Can you spot Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda in the back? I can.



10 thoughts on “Yakitori, Shinjuku Station

  1. i used to cooked pig’s brain omelet for my girls. the one you had looked delicious, creamy and slathered with butter that looked like a piece of melted cheese. love the way you described the taste 😀

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