O Bar, Australia Square, Sydney


There is a round white building at Australia Square. Australia Square is on the main street, George St, in the city and more or less half way between Circular Quay and the busy shopping district at Pitt St Mall. I am not sure if the building itself has a proper name. This building has always been known as Australia Square. On the 47th floor of the building is a revolving restaurant known as O Bar. You can go there for drinks. We went there for dinner.

Sydney Tower at Pitt Street Mall also has a revolving platform for dining and observation. O Bar is on a lower altitude, but I think because of the proximity to the Harbour Bridge and the Opera house, it seems to be more intimate. The floor takes about an hour to revolve. We were offered sittings at 6pm and 8pm and decided to take the 6pm for the sunset. We were also lucky enough to have the table right at the window.

As an entrée we had the heirloom tomato salad. The tomato was juicy and succulent and worked well with the sardines and yoghurt dressing.


As for the mains, we had a vegetarian dish, something called pumpkin spinach rotolo. We didn’t know what it was and didn’t bother clarifying it with the waiter. As it turned out it is fried pasta sheet filled with soft pumpkin, sage with roasted pine nuts and quinoa. This was interesting and we would order it again.


The other main was the lamp rump. It looked like it was cooked sous vide style. Every bite was rightly cooked.




As for dessert, we had acai berry ice cream on a bed of nuts, jelly and blue berries. It was a cross between a breakfast and dessert and we were fighting over this dish.



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