L’Atelier, de Joel Robuchon, Roppongi, and Ebisu

This was a pretty relaxing 1/2 day trip that we did. Lunch at Roppongi, beer museum and photography museum at Ebisu. Joel Robuchon is a world famous multi Michelin star French chef and we decided to have lunch at L’Atelier at
Roppongi Hills, where Mori Tower is.

The day we went was overcast and for the third trip in a roll we were not able to go up to the observation deck. Maybe better luck next trip. Lunch time is good because they offer a number of fixe prix menus. We chose the three course one for about 3500 yen. The restaurant is spacious and modern with an open kitchen. It was strange that the kitchen took up so much floor space and we were sitting at the counter watching the staff in the back. This also meant we were intimately looked after by the staff. His name was Xavier. He met his Japanese girlfriend (now wife) back in Paris and has been in Tokyo for ten years. He gave us a tip for a day trip next time not far from Tokyo, where all the rich people go because the weather is much cooler there than Tokyo itself. I don’t remember the name but we did write it down somewhere.


The menu also came with complimentary fresh bread.


A warm brioche, the way it should be eaten.





As for the mains, we had the skate fish and chicken ballotine. Both of these were nicely cooked.



Dessert was then served.


The food was delicious. We weren’t totally full, but was happy with the portions for lunch because we still had some travelling to do. Not far from Roppongi is Ebisu. If this sounds like the famous beer Yebisu, that’s because the station and suburb are named after the Yebisu beer factory, built back in the 1880’s. Compared to Australia, we find that the Japanese have great styles and tastes of commercial beers. And reasonably priced. Yebisu is one of them. Sapporo beer has their head quarter there and they have a Beer Museum at Ebisu Garden Place. The last time we were there, we mistook the Ebisu Beer Station to be the museum. Ebisu Beer Station is a chain of beer restaurants (there is a another good branch at Ginza). We ended up having lunch there the last time and were not disappointed.


But I am getting ahead of myself. Our other reason for visiting Ebisu was the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography. This is on the side of Ebisu Garden Place and they have 3 exhibits going on at a time. We decided to buy tickets for 2 of the exhibits. One of the exhibits was Mitsuaki Iwago : Cats and Lions. He took wild life photos of lions, leopards and other felines and juxtaposed them against smaller and tamer cats:


As were we leaving, we noticed a glass elevator on the outside of the big building at Ebisu Garden Place. Maybe not quite as impressive as Mori Tower but we took the elevator a few times going up an down for a cheap thrill. At the top of the building are 2 floors of restaurants. We did not eat there but were happy to watch Tokyo towards Shinjuku from high up.

You can tell Shinjuku from that narrow needle like building. We were just amazed with the sprawl. I am guessing the green park is at Shibuya.


We definitely found the beer museum this time.



We didn’t join the guided tour because that was in Japanese. We did find some vending machines for the food area. The machine gives you tokens for exchange for food and drinks.



The Japanese make great lagers and light styles of beers, The stout isn’t so bad but still doesn’t quite match a creamy Guinness, Kilkenny or Murphy or any other Irish darks.


You may notice the Le Petit Prince book we were reading whilst eating. There is a small museum of Le Petit Prince in Hakone. We visited it the last time and it is a great spot for photographs.


We then visited the exhibits.





Sex sales back in those days and it is interesting to compare the ideal body shapes and features to today’s standards.



If you enjoy Japanese beers, this museum is well worth a visit. And don’t forget the free elevator ride.


4 thoughts on “L’Atelier, de Joel Robuchon, Roppongi, and Ebisu

  1. I totally agree that you had an amazing journey… Lunch at Roppongi and at Atelier, as well as photography at museum in Ebisu are all fascinating activities to do,,,

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