Ghibli Museum, Tokyo


We went to Ghibli Museum in Tokyo. You can buy their tickets at various Lawsons but overseas travellers are best to book their tickets before they arrive in Tokyo. We got our tickets from JTB for AUD$15 each, which included the booking fee and express post delivery. The museum has limited admittance every day and no photos are allowed inside.

As we were waiting for the small shuttle bus, we spied a little Japanese school girl on her own in her cute uniform, wearing a hat and a small school backpack . She was in front of us, got on the bus, swiped her bus, took her book out and proceeded to her seat to continue reading. This was a direct bus with few stops making circuits between the museum and the train station. On the shop ride, we were speculating what she was doing catching this bus alone. Perhaps she had a season pass or she was meeting some friends. It was strange watching her own her own and involved in her own little world at such a young age and doing her own things.


I was then reminded of an article I read years ago about an American expat who was living in West Berlin. At the beginning of the article, she was making fun of the Germans, riding their bikes on the dedicated bike lanes and would stop at the lights even though there were no cars crossing, or would not jay walk across the road, or would stop at the crossing during the red pedestrian light diligently and waited until the light turned green even when it was safe to cross the road. She also noticed other things that the she would have done otherwise back home.

After a while, it dawned on her that it was adherence to such rules that made the place safe for everyone and that parents had no issues letting young kids go on their own down the road unsupervised.

We finally got to the stop. We sat in the back of the bus and she was too quick for us. She hopped off and walked right past the museum. We thought it was inappropriate of us chasing her down the road, even for a photo. We guessed that she was just commuting home after all.



3 thoughts on “Ghibli Museum, Tokyo

  1. You’ve got quite a lot of posts on Japan, do you go there often? I haven’t been there for a decade now, wonder if I should go with the radiation scare in Fukushima.

    • Haha. They are all from the same trip. We half knew what we were doing this time and took it slowly. Tokyo (and Japan) is such a wonderful country.

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