Manpuku Ramen, Kingsford, Sydney


There was an article recently about David Chang’s favourite ramen places in Sydney:’s-best-ramen/

It’s a shame he did not include Manpuku in Kingsford. When we are not in the mood for pho, we go straight to this ramen place. It’s been fortnightly lately.

It is a small restaurant that serves about 10 different kinds of ramen with a few sides. I’d wish they would include gyoza and edamame because the ramen takes a little while to cook. In fact, if they get a liquor license, a Asahi or Saporo beer would go fantastic. If you get there at about 11.30am, you will see the staff having a group warmup before they open the restaurant at 12pm. They are our favourite ramen place because of the quality of the broth – very intense and flavoursome. Ippudo is great too but it gets pricey and busy.


We normally go for the red and the tonkatsu shoyu with extra mushroom or cabbage.

Dish number 3 is a bit of a gimmick with such a long name for a dish. It’s good (and I think it is very popular) but I am happy to stick with a simple tonkotsu





This time I tried the miso butter. It turned out to be the miso soup with a slice of butter, not quite what I had in mind.


As it turned out, they just had their one year anniversary. Well done and bring on the beers please.


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