Boy With a Big Toy

I was walking by one day.  Saw this kid with a mighty big camera – sometime like a Nikon, D3 or D4.  He was taking of a photo of presumably his dad.  My Fuji was set at zone focusing at probably 2-3 metres.  I took it up to eye level and took a quick shot without knowing if it would turn out well.

Boy's Big Toy

Shinjuku, Isetan, Komehyo, Private Dining

Isetan (2 of 10)

Tokyo suburbs are subdivided into smaller sections of blocks called xxx chome. So Shinjuku Sanchome is the third section block of Shinjuku. Took us a while to figure the addressing system. Once you have figured it out, it makes a lot of sense. Shinjuku Sanchome is a short walk from Shinjuku Station. The Shinjuku Sanchome Metro Station is a smaller Metro but just as important station for an interchange. Outside of the station is a district for all sorts of things – entertainment, shopping, more shops, movie theatres and more. And one of them is Isetan.

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