Bendigo Art Gallery

Bendigo is a little town outside of Melbourne about 90 minutes away. It was a pretty rich and important town in the gold mining boom of the 1800’s. I am not quite sure what the claim to fame is nowadays, but there is a sizable art gallery. The curators of the gallery like to specialise in fashion related exhibitions.


A few years ago, when I was down in Melbourne for the Formula 1, W had a free day and decided to go there on her own to see the exhibition on Grace Kelley. She caught a train there and the ticket was about $160. We couldn’t find direct coaches there from the city centre, thinking it would be a cheaper option. As it turned out, it was cheaper for both of us to hire a car for the whole day than the more restrictive and slower option of catching the train.

Bendigo by car is an easy option. Once you are out of the city, it is an easy trip down the freeway. Early this year, the exhibition was on iconic modern designers. I have no idea about fashion but did enjoy it.






In a previous post, I wrote about a jacket I bought in Tokyo by Commes Des Garcons.

So now I know a bit more about the designer.







The main gallery houses many pieces of Australian art.

In the post war era, many artists left for London to become famous Australian artists. I don’t remember the story about this one but its got cute elephants and stormy seas – what’s there not to like? I think it was some connection with leaving for the unknown.




Abstract art/Avant Garde. You can philosophize however much you want about it, telling me about the subconscious this and that about it. I will still go WTF. I sorta get WTF but for how much?

This is a paining of red squares. There is a famous painting of 1 red square. I am sure there is a blue one and a black one. I remember seeing one in New York of straight pencil lines. There was one in the Guggenheim of lots of squares and the audio commentary said how fitting and calming it was to contrast with the roundness and curves of the museum.



Bill Henson is a provocative and controversial Australian photographer. His photos have included naked children and, as such, some of his exhibitions have had to be withdrawn and impounded by the authorities.

The accompanying photo to this photo is one of a middle aged woman watching an opera. Both of which put together have an allusion to Lolita.



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