Jonah’s, Whale Beach, Sydney


At the sea side and northern end of Sydney about 40 km away is a little peninsula where the sea meets the Hawkesbury river, which has a number of oyster farms, and a lake called Narrabeen. And the at the tip of the peninsula is Palm Beach. One windy road leads to this narrow part of Sydney. It is also home to many designer houses and is more or less a weekender spot for many affluent people. Away from Palm beach are also many working class families suburbs. So this area of Northern Beaches is not just for the rich.

I have 2 friends, whose parents bought their house back in the sixties and the inside decor has not at all changed. But if you are lucky to reside in Palm Beach, it is quite a different world. When dignitaries or overseas stars come along to Sydney, there is a small chance some of them will stay in one of these holiday houses, if they do not mind the distance from the city. These houses have been known to cost more than $10,000 a week to rent during the peak season.

When we go that way, we normally go to a local café or the Newport Arms, a well-known pub with views of the lake. Or hire a small outboard across the lake to the national parks with local goannas coming right up to you for food. But in the last few years, friends have told us about Jonah’s, which sits on top of a hill in Whale Beach, just before Palm Beach. A quick peek at the menu would review a poshy place with mains at almost $50 and entrees at almost $30. We finally found a special occasion to visit this place early in the year. If the occasion is extra special, you can catch a seaplane to Palm Beach for a chauffeur ride to the restaurant. Our occasion wasn’t quite that special but a weekend sunny car ride to Palm Beach is always a good option, if you happen to miss the traffic.

The food and views here are simply outstanding. The table next to ours was a big 80th birthday party. Service was impeccable, as you would expect.


It’s a hipster thing to use recycled jam jars as drinking instruments at the moment. I only found out recently they have a special name – Mason Jar.


You can see the little lawn outside. Locals are known to sit out here for a coffee after a hilly morning jog.






Every dish was artfully displayed.



It wasn’t a particular busy day when we went. They let us sit outside to finish off with some tea and Petite Four (minus one).




6 thoughts on “Jonah’s, Whale Beach, Sydney

  1. the view is fantastic… but I would have hardly noticed it if this food was on my table 😀 everything looks delish…

    what else is there in the plate with the rasperries, are these nuts and ice-cream?

  2. Dear Kevin, Johan’s is at Whale Beach. That beach in your photos is Whale Beach. If you want to fact-check, their official website would suffice.

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