Uniqlo, Made for All


I don’t know about you but I sniggled when I saw the tagline for Uniqlo – Made for All. Unqilo stands for Unique Clothing. I wonder if the tagline was thought up by a committee or an Englishman with a hidden appreciation of Month Python in a subversive way. One of my favourite Monty Python jokes is when a crowd went:

“We are all individuals.”
And someone went “I am not.”

Whenever I think of that joke, I also think of the mind-boggling conundrum:

“This statement is false.”

We were awestruck with Uniqlo when we visited the 2 huge outlets in New York. And a quick search on the internet brought us the following article from New York Magazine:


We found the story of its beginning an inspiration. The founder of Uniqlo is Tadashi Yanai, one of the richest and younger entrepreneurial billionaires in Japan. He basically took over his dad’s one suburban shop and expanded in Japan. He then decided to follow the Zara model founded by Amancio Ortega (he is usually in the top 5 richest men list and above Warren Buffet) and Rosalia Mera. Uniqlo then started to go big outside of Japan.

We found the New York stores an amazing shopping experience with the wide space, the colours of the clothings and off course the pricing and quality. The shop in Ginza was the biggest until one opened in Shanghai recently. The one in Ginza has 12 levels and our favourite level is the top floor for tee shirts.

Even when we have no intention of purchase we would drop into any store we pass by for a browse of the discount section. Every now and then you would find something that didn’t sell for a worthy price of 300, 500 or 1,000 yen.


When we travel, we generally bring a number of Arism underwear, socks and under shirts. You can wash them at night and provided there is sufficient air flow (the bathroom will usually do), they will be quite dry by the next day.



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