Teen Lung Heen, Ritz Carlton, Kowloon, Hong Kong


Tin Lung Heen is a Michelin star restaurant in the Ritz Carlton at Kowloon, Hong Kong. We visited it for lunch and was guided to the West Wing and sat right in front of the window. The dusk seating with the sunset must be spectacular. The highway you see snaking through is the highway to the airport.


We were planning for the more reasonable but still expensive set lunch menu (it was about AUD$80 per person). But we were so overwhelmed by the décor, and view that, at the spur of the moment, settled for the award winning tasting menu. It totally messed up our travel and eating budget for the next few days but ended up being worth it.


The trio of entrée was just sensational. The lotus was crunchy and refreshing.


The Iberian bbq pork was meaty, juicy and flavoursome. It certainly deserves the status of being the signature dish.


The whole abalone was soft and the suited the broth well. TLH-5

Everything was perfect about the smallish portion of lobster.


The steamed fish was soft and also flavoursome with the consommé. It was garnished with bird’s nest, a delicacy I have had only a few times in the past. If you have not heard of it before and you will be surprised to find out that the name is not a metaphor. It is in deed the nest of a certain bird. This specie of bird would use its saliva to make the nest.

It is in fact tasteless, much like the Chinese vermicelli, – a little gelatinous perhaps, but is prized for its supposed medicinal secrets for keeping beauty.

I once saw a documentary about them being farmed in Indonesia. The farmers would build specific structures to entice the birds to make the nests there. I think they can potentially transmit avian and other diseases as such and so are banned as an import to Australia.


The next dish is the braised chicken breast – organic and all the way farmed and flown from France. I think this is the dish that confirmed its Michelin rating. There is not much wrong with it as such. But to our Asian palette, it perhaps lacked oomph of some sort. Given something to choose between texture and meaty, we would probably choose the dish with texture – offals, chicken feet, pork feet, anyone? It was certainly meaty and filling.


Stewed rice with Alaskan crab meat. For once, I did not have any alcohol as a side drink and had a light Jasmine tea to compliment all the dishes.


This is the front of the restaurant for more casual eating. It faces Hong Kong Island and if you see closely, there is a bench upfront at the window.



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