Studio Shooting

I recently attended a studio shoot organised by Studio 1a. Studio 1a, in conjunction with Sun Studios, charged $150 for about 6 hours of shooting. This was reasonably priced because they provided more than 8 models to shoot and about 10 different setups. The weather was a little cold, so we couldn’t do any outdoor natural light shooting.

Amy Hill

Some photographic distributors also supported by providing free use of equipment such as ultra top of the line Hasselblad and the supposedly amazing $8,000 Otus lenses. I didn’t quite know what I was doing and had enough fun with high learning curve with my own gear. All the lighting was set up and all the models had makeup applied. Rachel Hill

My friend and I had breakfast nearby and we weren’t hungry at all when it finished at 4pm. More than 30 photographers attended so the downside is that there was some time waiting in line for your turn. I had never shot in such environment but was hooked and envious at the gear by the end of the day.

Rachel Hill

One thing I did know was that with so many photographers around, a lot of the photos were bound to be similar. Hopefully some of my shots are a little different.

Racheh Hill

The spots were lit specifically with differently lighting setups. Some of the softboxes were 3 metres wide. Everyone was “told” to shoot at 1/125 and f8 or f16.

Reza Fatah

Most of the raw files came out flat. And not that sharp – that was expected when the shooting was at 1/125 with a full frame camera and a heavy 24-70 lens (this partly explains why a tripod would help). But some work in lightroom did the trick with the help of VSCO, dodging and burning, cropping, light curves and brushes.

Reza Fatah

I seriously didn’t have much idea what I was doing or how to interact with the models. Hopefully my directions weren’t too direct or cold.

Reza Fatah

All the models did great and the organisers and contributors put on a good show. I simply cannot wait for the next event.

Reza Fatah

You can check out the organisers at


2 thoughts on “Studio Shooting

  1. sounds awesome!! I have never done any shots in a studio… did you receive also any instructions as to how to use the lighting? or it was just set up and you worked only with the models?

  2. No, we had some 50 photographers and it was not an educational course. The lighting was all set and nothing could be changed but we could interact with the models.

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