Crowds of Vivid

Walking home at about 9.30pm (must have been a Saturday or Friday). Half of George St was closed but lots of people (many with kids as well) were still arriving to see Vivid during this cold Sydney – it may have been just high single digit Celsius but that is considered frigid by Sydney standard.

Studio 1 Shoot with Hasselblad


In the last hour (well second last for others but it was the last hour for me), I took out the Hasselbald with a roll of Fuji 160. This is straight out from the scanner at Foto Riesel. I can’t say I am happy with it. Especially after the experience I had with the shoot at Ironfest. Maybe it was because I was a little tired and hungry by that time (I had brunch earlier in the morning and skipped on lunch). I was also probably a little ambitious asking the model to spin her hair at speed of 125th – this would explain the slightly off focus. And I guess the lighting was a little overpowering.