Ramen Shop


This was a ramen shop close to our hotel. We would go past it at various times and see lots of commuters and locals eating there. So we gave it a go on a slow and quiet Sunday. There’s the occasional travellers like us because it is close to the APA hotel in Shinjuku.

The menu is basic in a good way. There’s about 10 choices of ramen, all sharing the same pork based creamy soup – the sort I like much more than the miso or soy based ones, which I find a little salty. It reminds us of our favourite ramen place at Manpuku at Kingsford.


The bowls start from 500 yen and the most expensive one was 1,000 yen. I had the one for 600 yen and W went for the big one. She couldn’t finish it so I had more. Takeaway is only 400 yen.


Beers were cheap at this price.


The place feels like it is family owned and the fit out seems to be from the 70’s/80’s. Maybe even earlier.


When you getter a view of the shop for afar, you see how it is hemmed in by newer and much taller buildings on all sides. And I wonder if the owner of the place is kicking themselves for not selling it for great profits during various booms, especially during the go go years of the 80’s.



4 thoughts on “Ramen Shop

  1. google says ramen is something like noodles, if I understand correctly? is it something typical for Japan? I love the last photo where the shop is squeezed in between the bigger buildings lol… a small nice suprise there 🙂

    • Yes, ramen is the Japanese version of noodles in broth. Do you have instant noodles where you are? Wheat flour was introduced as a product to the Japanese after World War 2 because of food shortages. They substituted flour for rice and made noodles out of wheat flour. In the 60’s Nissan perfected the instant noodles as we know it.

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