Film Camera Shops of Ginza

Nikon House

All photos taken by a Contax T2. Here is a cluster of camera (film) shops around Ginza. You cannot miss Nikon house as you come out of the Marunouchi Metro line at Ginza.

Camera House 2

A short walk down from Nikon House is Lemon Camera. There was a line of people waiting to get into a restaurant of some sort. This is a common sight in Tokyo. As it turned out, I was there 5 minutes early and there was a crowd for Lemon Camera to open in the lift area. A lot of bloggers say not to attend this shop. I guess it is because it is a consignment shop so buyer beware. I like the shop because of the open space of the shop and I have bought a number of items here.

Camera House (4

Not far from Lemon Camera in the small lanes is Sukiya Camera, a much smaller shop. The few times I went, there were a few regulars having a chat with the shop owners. Yes there was another line for food.

Camera House 3

Another short walk away is another shop.

Camera House 5

About 10 minutes walk away towards the main strip of Ginza is another set of shops. They seem to specialise in more expensive European cameras such as Leica and Rollei. These are way outside of my budget so I don’t visit them as often.

You can find more resourceful information at Japan Camera Hunter:

Matt Granger also did a vblog of his Ginza trip:


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