Roots ‘n All

I don’t listen to radio much, but when I do, I try to listen to a few programs. This is one of them: Roots ‘n All, a program on Triple J. The edition of 7/3 was fantastic and hopefully by the time you get to this post, it is still on the net:

If not, the normal format is still great. This particular episode was hosted by John Butler, who is a famous Australian roots artist himself. The following with his Trio is my most favourite of his songs.

This program starts at 10pm. It used to be on Thursday. I used to drive W home, when we were dating, at this time and this program would be on and it introduced me to a different world of roots, ragae, soul and other genres of music.

I remember when they played first played Rodrigo Y Gabriela. It totally blew me away. They must have played it 3 weeks in a row, and I just had to tune in to figure out the name of the band and track them down. If you don’t know who they, they have a wonderful story of being a couple of Mexicans, ex mental players who were just busking around Ireland and were found. R plays lead guitar. G plays guitar as well but as bass or as percussion – she literally bangs on her guitar like a set of drums – a technique she learnt from Flamingo, I think. Even since then they are on constant touring. This piece just somehow mutated from metal to Brubeck’s Take Five.

As is the case, they have so much more energy live.


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