Studio Shoot Ektar Pushed

I was shooting TriX at ISO400. By the end of the day, I decided to try out a roll of Ektar (ISO100). Rookie mistake – I forgot to switch the dial to ISO 400 on the camera metering.

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Studio Shoot 2

A few more shots from the recent studio shoot with Film cameras

The first two are taken with Canon EOS 1N with Sigma 85mm TriX

The last one is cropped in Hasselblad 500CM Acros.


Model Shoot, II by Canon 1N

2 more shots from the recent studio shoot. Shot on a Canon EOS 1N. This was the top of the range Canon film camera – probably the only EOS 1 series I will ever get to own. Guess they would have been valued at well over $3-4,000 USD. I got mine for less than AUD$200 landed. Also came with a batter grip. The beauty of it is that the grip takes AA batteries, so I don’t have to worry about buying special batteries.

The thing is big and simliar to a DSLR. Works like a DSLR 5D Mk II that I use but with 5 focus points. I ended up using it with a modern day Sigma 85mm lens (non ART) and the combination works very well. Downside is I can only take 35 shots with no chimping at a time.