Ironfest 2017

20170426-2017 0404 500CM Portra Ironfest (2)

Shot on Hasselblad 500CM and Minolta X700 58mm. Portra with +1 exposure. It was a little overcast which meant the lighting was uniform throughout the afternoon I was there.
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Studio Shoot Ektar Pushed

I was shooting TriX at ISO400. By the end of the day, I decided to try out a roll of Ektar (ISO100). Rookie mistake – I forgot to switch the dial to ISO 400 on the camera metering.

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Model Shoot, II by Canon 1N

2 more shots from the recent studio shoot. Shot on a Canon EOS 1N. This was the top of the range Canon film camera – probably the only EOS 1 series I will ever get to own. Guess they would have been valued at well over $3-4,000 USD. I got mine for less than AUD$200 landed. Also came with a batter grip. The beauty of it is that the grip takes AA batteries, so I don’t have to worry about buying special batteries.

The thing is big and simliar to a DSLR. Works like a DSLR 5D Mk II that I use but with 5 focus points. I ended up using it with a modern day Sigma 85mm lens (non ART) and the combination works very well. Downside is I can only take 35 shots with no chimping at a time.