Opera House Sun Rise

Been getting up early a few mornings now for sunrise shots.  The sky has been very clear.  Perhaps a little for really moody and exciting shots.  But this gives me a bit more time to practice and keep it simple.  At least, the weather has been warm enough.  At about 5.30am, there is more light than I expect.  You can see alot of features.  Apart from the runners, bikers and fishermen, there are late party goers who just want to sit down, have a deep meaningful chat and watch the sunrise.  On the following Saturday, a couple from Cairns flew down to catch the holiday P&O cruise.  They were so excited to watch the sunrise and their boat coming in to the passenger terminal.  Hopefully, this will be the first of a series of sun rise shots.


The west side of Sydney used to ba a container wharf for the city. The ships and wharves left sometime ago and the land has been left vacant for a number of years now. It has been a spare cruiser terminal for tourist cruise ships. The big international cruisers get to dock at Circular Quay. The smaller local boats stop here on a regular basis.

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I was practicing sunset and this evening was fantastic.  There were lots of clouds in the sky and I was patient enough to hang around .  I was using a 50mm at the time and this is the result.  It’s 2 rows of about 6 stitched in Photoshop. I wasn’t exactly sure where to expose.  So I took 3 bracketed shots, +1,0 and -1.  And hope that I can see the difference and learn a little more.  Remember some posts ago I said keep taking shots and learn a little every time?  Well, this time I learned that sometimes, the unexposed shot (in this case by 1 stop) can be better.

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