NFL Super Bowl Final

AFL is a football game played in Australia. It is one of the three major football codes (not counting Soccer). In 2006, Foxtel cable did not have the right to the live broadcasting of the grand final. Instead they broadcasted the grand final from the previous year, which also featured the same 2 teams. Some 50,000 fans were “deceived” and thought they were watching the actual play. Many very unhappy fans when they found out.

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Wall Street, New York (and a short history of some crashes)


We were in New York February 2012. It was apparently a warm winter, but still quite cold for us Sydneysiders. We quickly bought earmuffs and windproof jeans to help. I’ve finally taken this long to cull, manage and process about 80-90% of the album. On this particular day, we went to Wall Street.
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Memories of Train Stations

We spent 3 weeks in New York and was about 10 minutes walk from Penn Station. Everyone knows about Grand Central. The only thing we knew about Penn was that Madison Square Garden was on top of it. We found out very quickly how important a transport hub it was. We arrived during peak hour in the evening lugging about the maze of corridors looking like, well tourists. Continue reading

Ghostbusters firestation location

This is in the lower part of Manhattern – ex industrial area. All the wharehouses are slowly being bought out and converted to expensive private residences. Just a short hop from the firestation is a millionaire street – newly converted luxury wharehouse apartments, one of which is owned by Annie Leibovitz. We were also told that Beyonce’s apartment is nearby.

Tao, New York

You think the buddha an Chinta Ria at King St Wharf is big?  Check out Tao in New York, near the 5th Ave posh shopping area.  We got there at 10pm for a supper. This Buddha is definitely bigger, maybe twice the size. It is a younger, more lean and perhaps contemplative one.

Tao fancies itself a pan-asian upmarket place. They serve Chinese, Japanese and Thai dishes.

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