Brooklyn Bridge and Grimaldi’s

A short walk on a cold and windy day but punctuated by the occasional sunshine. This is probably the most famous bridge in New York. You can see the Frank Ghery residential building at lower Manhattan. It sure is an interesting building.

You can see the new tower going up and some older high density housing in the foreground.

You can see some graffiti and quite a few lovelocks. They get taken off quite regularly because we saw some workmen working with some snippers and taking some off.

We wish we had time to cross the other bridges but no luck on this trip.

At the Brooklyn end, next door to Dumbo (what a name for a burb), is just a small block close to the ferry wharf. There’s only about 4 eateries at this junction. The original owner sold Grimaldi’s in the 90’s, I think. And quite a few things have happened in the past year. Firstly the new owner couldn’t renegotiate the new rent with the landlord. So they moved 3 shops up to the corner shop at 1 Front St.

We were there at noon and the line was only 5 minutes or so. We have been told during the peak summertime, the wait can be more than an hour. They are famous for their coal brick oven pizzas.

So a funny thing happened with old store. The original owners, who are now in their 70’s and 80’s, decided to come back and negotiated a new lease with the landlord.

However, Juliana’s had an issue with council permit to install a coal brick oven, and is still not yet open:

So we finally got in. It is a small venue and I guess, during the peak time, it can be uncomfortable because the sitting areas are quite tight and you have to share table space with other patrons.

As you can see, you can create your own pizza. The locals seem to think their pizzas are expensive.

We ordered a small, which looked large enough to us. The white cheese is mozzarella and the pizza certainly looked good.

The base was chewy in a crunchy way and certainly was delicious. The middle was a little soggy but not too mushy. Overall, we enjoyed it very much, especially after a short walk across the bridge.