Stranger – Whisky Taster

Whisky (1 of 1)

He was offering whisky tasting. I came later and he was off his shift finishing some sample. I asked nicely and he was happy for 3 shots. This is Strand Arcade, one of my favourite strips in Sydney. It was built in the 1800’s and unlike modern shopping centres has plenty of lights and different colours – so is good for photos most time of the day.

Shot with a Canon EOS1N 35mm. Superior 400 probably at F4 and 1/60th.

Here is one of my old posts about the arcade.

Stranger Project – The Playful One

This wasn’t his bike. It belonged to a big dude in a chef uniform. I asked the chef for a photo. He hesitated and said someone had spilled coffee onto his sleeve. I almost gave up and then he called on his workmate to replace him.

Shot on a Pentax 67 105mm. About F4 at 1/125th.

Carzy Stranger (1 of 1)