Street Fighter


This is a mural wall on Faveaux st near Crown St, Surry Hills. I don’t know the exact story behind it but it gets a new mural every 4 months or so. I keep on forgetting to grab a photo until this time around. It normally gets defaced or tagged within 1 week or 2. I was surprised this time around as it was done as an advertising. I am more surprised it is still intact about 5 days it has been up.

Shinjuku Station, Hyperart: Thomasson

Shinjuku Station

The name Shinjuku Station is a misnomer. It should be named Shinjuku Stations. There are 2 ends to the station for 2 sets of different Metro lines and the walk between them is quite a distance. It also serves the local train lines, regional train lines and JR lines which cross all over Japan. You would expect the various lines would be served by duopolies in most countries at best but in Japan, many lines are owned by different companies.

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Vivid, the Wharf Side

These pictures were taken back in June during Vivid. The location was on the western wharf side of the bridge where less people travelled. Vivid was somehow getting a bit too popular for its own good. On the ending weekend, transportation was overwhelmed and some families took hours to get home or were squashed in the crowds. Many of them naturally complained in the newspaper blogs. Well, you can’t please everyone.


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Sculptures by Xu Hong Fei

We saw an article on these sculptures and quickly went down to The Rocks for some quick photos around a wet sunset. They are part of a series of Chubby Women made by Chinese artist, Xu Hong Fei. Very interesting and too bad they are only here for a week and without much publicity.

Link to his facebook page:


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Foot(print) Path

There is a small pedestrian tunnel under the bridge.  It gets used by joggers and tourists alot going from The Rocks to Observatory Hill and the walkway for the bridge.  For some reason, people just decide to stamp their shoe print on the side walls.  There is either an underground footprint society or teenagers taking their rage at their stomping ground. Or perhaps the walls simply haven’t been cleaned in a number of years

Grafitti, Newtown

I had a short walk around Newtown and taking pictures of street art. The main road was noisy and busy with cars. A short duck down a side street or two, you will find calmer residential streets. And a fair bit of street art. Click on a picture for a slide show.