Model Shoot, II by Canon 1N

2 more shots from the recent studio shoot. Shot on a Canon EOS 1N. This was the top of the range Canon film camera – probably the only EOS 1 series I will ever get to own. Guess they would have been valued at well over $3-4,000 USD. I got mine for less than AUD$200 landed. Also came with a batter grip. The beauty of it is that the grip takes AA batteries, so I don’t have to worry about buying special batteries.

The thing is big and simliar to a DSLR. Works like a DSLR 5D Mk II that I use but with 5 focus points. I ended up using it with a modern day Sigma 85mm lens (non ART) and the combination works very well. Downside is I can only take 35 shots with no chimping at a time.




Memories of Train Stations

We spent 3 weeks in New York and was about 10 minutes walk from Penn Station. Everyone knows about Grand Central. The only thing we knew about Penn was that Madison Square Garden was on top of it. We found out very quickly how important a transport hub it was. We arrived during peak hour in the evening lugging about the maze of corridors looking like, well tourists. Continue reading

Kids’ First Taste

I remember my first taste. I was about 6 or 7 and it was my dad giving me a sip of his beer (It was Heineken). I can still remember that chilled crispy bitterness. I asked for more but he said no.

Michael Pollan wrote in A Botany of Desire about his kid’s first taste of sugar. He said it was a wonderful experience. He also said once a baby has tasted sugar, there is no going back.

Spring Sale! 15% Off Ends Friday!

Porteen Gear News

Sale ends Friday at Midnight EST.


It’s time to celebrate the warmer weather with new leathers, and new designs!

Porteen gear is having a Spring Sale. 15% Off any orders over $100.00 through May 31st! Just enter the coupon code “spring15” during check-out. There are several new bags in stock, including the new convertible bags, Unisex style bags for men,  new cow hair designs and Tuscany bags. You can see these and more of the newest designs in my Etsy store by clicking on the Store Logo in the right hand column.

The leather, canvas and fabric lists have all been recently updated with new arrivals. If you are ready to work on your own custom designed camera bag, just start at the tab at the top of this page called “Design Your Own Bag”.

Happy Spring!





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mirrored room infinite reflections art installation german artist thilo frank photography swing matrix movie super cool artmirrored room infinite reflections art installation german artist thilo frank photography swing matrix movie super cool artmirrored room infinite reflections art installation german artist thilo frank photography swing matrix movie super cool art

‘The phoenix is closer than it appears’ – a large mirrored room installation or 4 x 4 x 8 meters creating infinite reflections by German artist Thilo Frank in the gallery at KUNSTEN, Museum of Modern Art, in Aalborg, Denmark. Inside, visitors are encouraged to place themselves on a simple plank swing, suspended from the room’s ceiling, which introduces a dizzying element of motion to their battery of illusory selves.


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Michael Weening: a few pictures


I am far from an expert on Japan, but I have heard a few different opinions that I thought I would share as the Japanese “teach” me their ways. These folks know sushi:

  • When you break apart chopsticks, you should slide them together as if you are smoothing them – everyone does it. Wrong. It is considered rude and a North American phenomenon.
  • UPDATE: (Thanks Brent, totally forgot this one) The proper way to eat sushi is with your fingers. NOT with chopsticks. I still remember quizzing my host on this one; “is this only done in casual situations?” (no)  “Are you doing this as a joke on a gaijin” (no)  “Do you do this frequently?” (yes). No chopsticks is the “proper” way to eat sushi.
  • Never put wasabi in your soya sauce. Wrong. I have seen lots of Japanese do it.
  • Dip your sushi in the soya sauce…

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