Sushi Tokami, Tokyo

We got the recommendation for this place from this fantastic blogger:

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Chef Sato is young in his mid thirties and runs his place like a master. He speaks softly to his helpers but in a commanding way. We booked our seating for lunch on a weekday and the only other patron was a Canadian university IT manager who happens to have a house in Kyoto and travels regularly to Tokyo for food and other sorts of things. Great passion.

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Toro Sashimi

2015-07-19 10.50.01

We felt like we hit the jackpot. A little while ago I was doing my irregular visit to the fishmarket. I walked past the sashimi section and noticed blue fin tuna was on sale. Yellow fin is on sale every day so this was a little unusual. I also thought all the blue fin would be exported or not sold at the retail level. Guess it was in season. The one thing that caught my eye wasn’t that it was blue fin on sale.

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Sushi Bar Yasuda

If you catch the train between Shinjuku and Tokyo Main Station, you will come through Yotsuya. I have always wondered about this station. Instead of an urban jungle, you come through a green valley of trees, tennis courts and basketball courts. A quick search of the internet comes up with Sushi Sho, the fabled sushi bar that banned one of the Michelin reviewers. We were keen to check it out on our last trip but the average price of 20,000 – 30,000 Yen (per person that is) deflated our goal.

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Teen Lung Heen, Ritz Carlton, Kowloon, Hong Kong


Tin Lung Heen is a Michelin star restaurant in the Ritz Carlton at Kowloon, Hong Kong. We visited it for lunch and was guided to the West Wing and sat right in front of the window. The dusk seating with the sunset must be spectacular. The highway you see snaking through is the highway to the airport.

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O Bar, Australia Square, Sydney


There is a round white building at Australia Square. Australia Square is on the main street, George St, in the city and more or less half way between Circular Quay and the busy shopping district at Pitt St Mall. I am not sure if the building itself has a proper name. This building has always been known as Australia Square. On the 47th floor of the building is a revolving restaurant known as O Bar. You can go there for drinks. We went there for dinner.

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Johnny Love Bites and Mozzarella

We don’t go to Fratelli much.  It is an expensive place to buy grocery.  But 3 times a year, we do go there for the tomatoes known as Johhny’s

Love Bites.  They are well worth the premium and are such a treat.  So sweet, soft and juicy – nothing you can find at the super market.

To go with the Lovebites, just add some mozarella.  Cut them up into slices and layer with basil leaves.  This time around, we also had some left over cucumber and capsicum.  Then garnish with some good olive oil and pepper.


Balla, The Star

We checked out another fancy place at The Star – Balla – Italian. Before we did, we parked downstairs and they have lots of spots for small cars.

The place is spacious and nicely lit. Not so dark that you can’t read the menu. And a little dark for a bit of moodiness. The wait staff was very friendly and attentive. As for the drinks menu, they hand over a tablet for review.

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