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Jonah’s, Whale Beach, Sydney


At the sea side and northern end of Sydney about 40 km away is a little peninsula where the sea meets the Hawkesbury river, which has a number of oyster farms, and a lake called Narrabeen. And the at the tip of the peninsula is Palm Beach. One windy road leads to this narrow part of Sydney. It is also home to many designer houses and is more or less a weekender spot for many affluent people. Away from Palm beach are also many working class families suburbs. So this area of Northern Beaches is not just for the rich.

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O Bar, Australia Square, Sydney


There is a round white building at Australia Square. Australia Square is on the main street, George St, in the city and more or less half way between Circular Quay and the busy shopping district at Pitt St Mall. I am not sure if the building itself has a proper name. This building has always been known as Australia Square. On the 47th floor of the building is a revolving restaurant known as O Bar. You can go there for drinks. We went there for dinner.

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Just a quick post. We went to Claude’s, as they were closing down. A quick bite at the bar downstairs. Pork cheek mini burgers with fungus in brioche buns. The good news is you get a pair for the dish. I initially harshly compared them to the pork buns at Ippudo. I then had a second bite and it tasted great in a different way. The fungus gave it that crunchy and seaweedy texture. Then I realised the bad news….. I didn’t want to share the second mini burger.