Shinjuku Station, Hyperart: Thomasson

Shinjuku Station

The name Shinjuku Station is a misnomer. It should be named Shinjuku Stations. There are 2 ends to the station for 2 sets of different Metro lines and the walk between them is quite a distance. It also serves the local train lines, regional train lines and JR lines which cross all over Japan. You would expect the various lines would be served by duopolies in most countries at best but in Japan, many lines are owned by different companies.

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View of Melbourne from Vue Du Monde


The Railto Tower in Melbourne, I think, still is the tallest commercial building – in the Southern Hemisphere – Australia has a lot of structures with superlatives – in the Southern Hemisphere. There was an observation deck but this was converted to a restaurant in 2009 – Vue du Monde. If you want a fancy place for a swanky dinner in Melbourne, this has to be a top choice. The other claim to fame was that some years ago, 2 suavely dressed men went to the small outdoor observation balcony, ordered some cocktails, had a quick drink, then took off their clothes James Bond style and jumped off with parachutes. I don’t think they have been found and I am sure they are known legends in the BASE jumping community. I believe they have since installed window barriers to prevent this from happening.

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