Japan Film Camera Shop Guide

Here is a page of some information you may find useful for film camera shopping in Tokyo.

It will be updated from time to time.




Happy Shinjuku Crossing

Happy Shinjuku Crossing

Don Quijote is a discount department store/supermarket of sorts in Tokyo. The further claim to fame is that a few of them open 24 hours. I still haven’t visited it myself. Outside it is a busy crossing that connects Shinjuku Station and the famed red light district.

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Sushi Tokami, Tokyo

We got the recommendation for this place from this fantastic blogger:


Sushi (2 of 9)

Chef Sato is young in his mid thirties and runs his place like a master. He speaks softly to his helpers but in a commanding way. We booked our seating for lunch on a weekday and the only other patron was a Canadian university IT manager who happens to have a house in Kyoto and travels regularly to Tokyo for food and other sorts of things. Great passion.

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