Brisbane G20

Brisbane is in complete lockdown at the moment. The city centre is pretty much closed for the G20 summit. Sydney had a complete lockdown some years ago for an APEC summit. Some comedians known as The Chasers (funnily enough they are on Channel 2 – a government funded tv station) decided to play a prank. Hope you enjoy some Aussie humour.

Here is the full version if you want to see President Bush confusing APEC with OPEC as well as Australian with Austrian.

If you think that Chaz dude is a pretty funny, check him out when he applied botox to half his face. If you don’t think he is that funny, you can skip to 4.15 for the after effect.

As a claim to fame, W was in the same year as Chaz when they were both studying law in university. She said he was pretty funning back then and would make the occasional intelligent joke in lecture.

Uniqlo, Made for All


I don’t know about you but I sniggled when I saw the tagline for Uniqlo – Made for All. Unqilo stands for Unique Clothing. I wonder if the tagline was thought up by a committee or an Englishman with a hidden appreciation of Month Python in a subversive way. One of my favourite Monty Python jokes is when a crowd went:

“We are all individuals.”
And someone went “I am not.”

Whenever I think of that joke, I also think of the mind-boggling conundrum:

“This statement is false.”
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