Fries With Extra Bokeh, Theatre Bar at the End of the Wharf

Fries with Bokeh

At one of the dance theatres in Walsh Bay is a bar called Theatre Bar at the End of the Wharf. This is like our secret bar. At certain times on weeknights you can get free street parking if you are lucky. When it is a quiet night with no shows on, you can have the whole place to yourselves. It also faces the sunset.

We especially like the fries and the wines are so bad either. We do wish they serve pizzas though.

Tokyo Biker Girl

Tokyo Biker Girl

One of the main roads in Ginza is closed off to traffic on the weekends (this also happens at Shinjuku on Sunday – what a great concept). So you get all sorts of shoppers loitering about amongst street photographers, tourists, tv show interviewing people on the street and others walking about. I was at an intersection snapping away. All of a sudden, through the view finder I noticed this girl with her helmet on crossing the path. The bike was silent and she was pushing it. My first thought was that her bike had broken down because I had been in similar situations like so before although with a much lighter bike, much much less expensive bike and certainly more more more protective gear. And I did so because of either a dead battery, bad electrics, or out of fuel or a combination of these issues. I also did it with less grace bordering on none.

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