Le Pain au Quotidien

They used to have a cafe on Faveaux St, Surry Hills. It didn’t last very long and was replaced by 4Forteen. Which is a real shame because we used to go there all the time for their bread. Fantastic bread and the next day, the bread would remain soft and elastic. Just as well they have a branch in Westfield in the city as well at Bondi Junction.


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Ampersand, Surry Hills

This is a cafe we visited on a Saturday, opposite to the Clock Tower on Crown St at Surry Hills.  It was very busy.  The room was quite narrow so the sitting was quite tight.  We had a wonderful experience there.  We ordered the Bloody Mary Breakfast and the Mediterranean Breakfast.  The Bloody Mary (without the cocktail) was definitely the highlight.  The eggs looked so inviting in the little pan that it was cooked in.  The salad went well with it.  The haloumi was good too.  The breakfast was so go, we had passersby gawking at it – they should’ve ordered it they said.

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