Shinjuku Station, Hyperart: Thomasson

Shinjuku Station

The name Shinjuku Station is a misnomer. It should be named Shinjuku Stations. There are 2 ends to the station for 2 sets of different Metro lines and the walk between them is quite a distance. It also serves the local train lines, regional train lines and JR lines which cross all over Japan. You would expect the various lines would be served by duopolies in most countries at best but in Japan, many lines are owned by different companies.

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Tribute to Ocean Room, Sydney

We were sad and disappointed to hear that Ocean Room (along with Wildfire) closed abruptly pretty much without warning due to circumstances beyond their control. The cruising business is booming and the boats are getting bigger. The cruise terminal decided to expand and needed more room. From the sound of things, the leases were bought out without warning and immediately. Both places were fantastic spots for dinner or just a drinking hole because it was kind of quiet and opposite to the Opera House.

Ocean Room

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