Just a quick post. We went to Claude’s, as they were closing down. A quick bite at the bar downstairs. Pork cheek mini burgers with fungus in brioche buns. The good news is you get a pair for the dish. I initially harshly compared them to the pork buns at Ippudo. I then had a second bite and it tasted great in a different way. The fungus gave it that crunchy and seaweedy texture. Then I realised the bad news….. I didn’t want to share the second mini burger.




I came across this recently and hope you like it as well. Interesting to see how he composes his photos. Most street photographers are very close to the subject, some practically in your face. His are more distance and you can sense the patience with many of his photos.

Fan Ho

There is also an interview with him on Vimeo somewhere.

Vivid, Darling Harbour

This year’s Vivid also expanded to Darling Harbour to include a light/water and fireworks show. Above Darling Harbour is a freeway leading to the Harbour Bridge with a foot path. I had planned to try this spot for fireworks and this looked like a good opportunity.

I knew that it was going to be busy so got there early to claim my spot.


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Vivid, the Wharf Side

These pictures were taken back in June during Vivid. The location was on the western wharf side of the bridge where less people travelled. Vivid was somehow getting a bit too popular for its own good. On the ending weekend, transportation was overwhelmed and some families took hours to get home or were squashed in the crowds. Many of them naturally complained in the newspaper blogs. Well, you can’t please everyone.


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Sydney Harbour YHA, The Rocks And Memories of Backpacking


A short walk away from Circular Quay and the touristy strip is a section of underused area of Sydney. This area is still part of The Rocks. It was a busy hub back in the 1800’s.

In the next photo, you can see the 5 star Shangri La hotel. It has a great bar high near the top with views of unimpeded sunset. Next to it, is the Quay West – expensive residential. Behind it is another expensive residential building known as The Cove. And in the fore and low ground is the Sydney Harbour YHA.


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