The Silly Season

This time of the year is pretty close to the Silly Season. Every night there is a corporate Xmas party and there is a lot more traffic during peak home going hour. The cars tend to get more aggressive and pile onto the intersection and making everyone else more agitated.

Also around this time of the year is the end of high school for many. The USA have their Prom Nights. We have Formals. The lucky ones will have theirs on the Sydney Harbour on a boat or a fancy hotel in town.




Golden Gai (not quite) and yakitori


We were looking forward to Golden Gai. It is meant to be similar to Piss Alley but for bars – a true Piss Alley, you could say. Unfortunately we went on a Monday night and it was practically quiet. Looks great though with all the small and tight bars. As it was dinner time, we crossed the road back to Shinjuku Sanchome and picked the first place we found.

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Nick Fury (Retired)

I’ve been taking my camera out doing discrete street photography during my sometime lunch time walk. Focus set at f5.6 or f8.0 depending on how much light I think there is. The early exercises were done at 1/125 or 1/250 and I found that there was much motion blur. This time I set the time at 1/500 and found the success rate to be much better. ISO is set at auto and focus set with zone focusing.

If Nick Fury ever retired, I can image him doing something like this with his everpresent cigar.fury